Yoga Burnout

How to deal with it and prevent it.

Natalie “Fox” Maisel

I need people.  I must admit it…Inspiration for me lies in basking in the afterglow of a good shavasana in another teacher’s classroom.  That’s when I stare up at the ceiling and think, “now I remember why people love yoga”!  At that point, I’m re-inspired and ready to apply something I’ve just learned into my next day’s teaching.

As a long time yoga student (1994) and long time certified teacher (1996), I’ve had a traditional love affair with the practice.  It began hot and heavy with instant attraction, obsession, and not being able to get enough.  Then, reality set in and I was confronted with the flaws and delusions, then the endless ebb and flow, waxing and waning of love, desire, and complacency.  Funny how life repeats itself in almost all genres.

For me, to be inspired is everything, and, boy do I hate when I feel the clammy claws of burnout wrap around my little throat.  I can almost feel that stage coming on like a winter’s cold…Do I always do something about it?  No.  Sometimes I let it in, give it tea, and tell it to leave when it wants.  Other times I go online and find a class at a studio I’ve been wanting to attend, or even better,sign up for a conference or retreat to really indulge.  The good thing for me is that I am a planner, so even knowing I have a conference to attend in 5 months, or am leading a retreat down the road, keeps me on a good even keel.

Now that the information highway is so, so plentiful, evening a good meditation I discover on youtube can charge up my vibe.  There is so much out there now that it seems easier to be more inspired than ever — downloadable yoga classes, pranayama exercies at the push of a button, yoga DVD’s ripe and ready at every Target and K-mart you come across….our yoga revolution has come a long way, baby, and all we need to do is reach out and grab.  Got a free hand?

Natalie “Fox” Maisel

Featuring downloable meditations, and magical rituals for lunar phases and seasonal holy-days

Featuring Natalie’s vast array of downloadable yoga classes from Power Yoga to gentle Goddess and Chakra Yoga

Natalie has been a certified yoga teacher since 1996.  She currently travels to various destination spas facilitating Yoga Weeks with a variety of levels and classes that suit every level of yoga practitioner.  Natalie is featured in Gary Kraftsow’s Yoga for Wellness and has recently produced her latest CD,

A Meditative Journey with Natalie Maisel.

Luxury SpaFinder’s spa critic, Ann Abel wrote in the Jan/Feb 2006 issue, “Natalie Maisel, one of the best yoga teachers I’ve encountered at a spa, essentially leads two flow classes at once, giving technically precise, clear instruction on both levels.  In another class that afternoon, her cliché-free cues lead me to soften my contention that restorative yoga is a waste of time”.

Natalie Maisel is the former owner of Sundance Yoga Studio which was named Best Yoga Studio in Houston under her direction in 2002.  She currently owns Magic Moon Yoga and is the creator of various workshops and classes such as:

Power Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Medley,

Goddess Yoga and Ritual Workshops,

Yoga-To-Go Corporate Yoga Programs, Yoga Kids Summer Camp, Easy-Does-It Yoga for Seniors, and Goddess Yoga classes.



  blissings wrote @

You are so awesome Fox!

Love you, love your work 🙂


  Teal Marie Fyrberg wrote @

I can totally relate to everything you said Natalie! It is a real challenge to stay fresh as a teacher AND as a student. I am always reminding myself that without my own practice my teaching becomes really hollow.

I am with you on youtube! What a great place for inspiration when we can’t get to another teacher’s class!

  Vox Now Burnout – GeekLogy wrote @

[…] in another teacher–s classroom. – besuchen 6 Steps to Battling Job Burnout 01.05.2010 · If you–re feeling bored or […]

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