Yoga Burnout

How to deal with it and prevent it.

Dee Marie


BURN-OUT is a state of being which is brought on through excessive fire or outward flowing energy without enough cooling or inward yielding energy. In all of nature we see the display of opposing forces: Male & Female, Black & White, Sun & Moon, Summer & Winter, Yin & Yang. These polar opposites create an equilibrium a balance point.

As a yoga teacher we convey to our students this message of harmony and balance through the demonstration of asanas, yogic practices, breathing techniques and positive affirmations. Yet, we too often forget how to incorporate these elegant tools off the mat.

The ART OF BALANCE in our lives to prevent burn-out can be managed in 7 easy ways:

1.  Breathe deeply every day – using the “Complete Breath” and invigorating
pranayama practices such as “Breath of Fire.”
2.  Align your spine – keep the shakti flowing along the central Nadi or channel
of your body by aligning your torso in all activities, sitting, driving, walking.
3.  Listen to the transformation – ask your students to report on the positive changes

yoga has made in their lives and feel your contribution to the world.

4.  Allow for quiet time – introspection, meditation, or prayer these are your personal
balancing tools.

5.  Nurture yourself daily – with warm oils and self massage, warm baths with oils and

Aromatherapy, have others massage you as well, even just your feet.

6.  Chant anytime– humming, singing uplifting tunes, or devotional chanting, in the

shower, in the car or in front of your alter the buzz will recharge your battery.

7.  Enjoy every moment – brighten your day with the joys of family, friends, nature and

reflect on the beauty of each interaction.

Dee Marie, MA, CYT has been a yoga therapist for 23 years. Trained in classical Ashtanga yoga

by Swami Rama of the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy.  Along with her yoga privates

and group classes in Boulder, Colorado under the title of Energy Source Inc.  Dee also has the non-profit organization, CALMING KIDS: Creating a Non-Violent World, in which she travels internationally to offer a children’s yoga teacher certification. Yes, burn-out is something she has experienced and transformed.

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