Yoga Burnout

How to deal with it and prevent it.

Daisy Lynn Faye

Time For Yoga, Time to Breathe, Reflect, Revitalize, Destress, Relax Mind & Body. Namaste!

Yoga burn out occurs for me, when I’ve placed everything else and everyone else, first and I place myself on the back burner. But, I’ve found my solution to preventing burnout.

1. Take yourself off that back burner!!!!!

2. Make time…YES!… make time for YOU.

3. Learn to love the word “NO”….yes, yes, I know, it might tick some people off…..well, in my book, that’s TOUGH, because if you say yes to every tom, dick & jane, guess what? there won’t be any time for you, and you alone. Well, maybe you and the cat….everybody else gets sent to the movies, or whereever.

4. GET A MONTHLY MASSAGE…your body, your mind, your spirit, will thank you for it.

5. Teach indoor yoga? Get creative!! During spring & summer months take your class outdoors(I heard those moans & groans), perhaps a near by beach(yoga is fun & invigorating by the shoreline), a park, get the idea? Get out of the same boring classroom–think outside that cotton pickin box!!

6.Teach yoga by candlelight–trust me, your students can find their legs and arms by candlelight. Light candles(unscented), put on some soothing music(if doing fast paced yoga, this might not work, but then again, it just might. CHANGE THE PACE, CHANGE THE ENVIROMENT, CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE. GET OUT OF THE SAME OLD RUT!!!!!

7. Don’t Teach…don’t panic!!….give your students each week, the opportunity to be the Teacher, and you join the group as one of the students(this can be an eye opener, in more ways than one).

8.Treat yourself to a retreat that has nothing to do with yoga, whether it’s for 3 days, one week, or 2 weeks, whatever you can afford, but just do it(no friends, no family–JUST YOU!! We all need to get back to the person we were, long before the crazy life commitments & obligations came along, yes we love what we do, but, we need to get away from time to time, so we can just be us, and rejuvenate our soul.

Here’s the bottom line. If we keep doing and doing, and don’t stop to smell the roses, don’t stop to mix things up, if we don’t stop to EXHALE…..then burnout will surely find us. So, stop being everything to everyone..don’t worry..they’ll survive, and so will you.


Daisy Lynn Faye C.Y.T.

Hatha Yoga Practioner
Over 20 years experience
Bridgeport, Connecticut


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